Customer Feedback

"Your contributions and that of the RAI staff have been exceptionally outstanding."

--Coryl LaRue Jones, Ph.D.
Department of Health and
Human Services

"Their overall review and the suggestions they made for improvements in textual and graphic materials were outstanding."

--Theodore M. Pinkert
Department of Health and
Human Services

"You and your company are terrific and we've never had better service from nicer people!"

--Amy Moorer
Montgomery College

"Attention to detail and their customer - oriented attitudes are noteworthy."

--Garland L. Smith
Department of the Air Force

"Your sustained efforts, involving many hours of overtime have assisted greatly toward maintaining a high morale among satisfied staff members."

--Boyce Steiner
Internal Revenue Service

"Thank you and your staff for an excellent job in getting Front Lines and Highlights out in a timely manner, despite unforeseen circumstances."

--Mary N. Felder
Agency of International Development

"I very much appreciate how often RAI delivers jobs on time and ahead of time."

--Kathy Allison
United States Institute of Peace

"Their performance led the Internal Revenue Service to enthusiastically exercise our option to continue utilizing RAI to provide warehousing and distribution services."

--Timothy M. Brown
Internal Revenue Service

"The operation between RAI and the National Clearinghouse for Drug Abuse Information became a very smooth one due to RAI's ongoing rare dedication, in going the extra mile."

--Simone G. Demers
National Institute on Drug Abuse

"Due to the efforts of RAI personnel who assisted in packaging and shipping, tax practitioners received their needed materials weeks ahead of time."

--Joe Manson
Internal Revenue Service

"Be assured that I will highly recommend Opal and the rest of the RAI team to all of my future clients for their mail house needs."

--Rita C. Vogler
Meetings Plus

"The command is very pleased with the efficiency and professionalism shown by every individual with RAI.
It is a pleasure to have RAI aboard!"

--R. J. Norris
United States Navy

"The Department of the Treasury, Financial Management Service, is pleased to issue this delivery order for you to continue providing mass mailing services during fiscal year 1992."

--James R. Hamrick
Contracting Officer

"Howard County is exercising its option to renew the subject contract for another one year contract period.

--Evangeline Bolder
Office of Purchasing

"A brief note to let you know that the Key Operations Program is running extremely well. Opal and Ronald have been very helpful."

--William F. Watson
U.S. Message Corporation

"We received a timely, superior product with first class service."

--N.O. Gerald
Environmental Engineer
Environmental Protection Agency

"Thanks to both Opal & Sylvia who seem to take that extra time and care to see that all goes well with each job we submit to your company."

--Judy Hepler
Laurel Race Course

The stationery looks fabulous and the mail merge certainly personalized our request letters. Your willingness and enthusiasm to be an active participant is very much appreciated.

--Pat Prouty
The Severn School

"It was a pleasure doing business with your organization. The undersigned was particularly impressed with the knowledge, advice, and efforts of Ms. Opal Smith. If our company were to ever need additional direct mail services, we would be certain to give you first consideration."

--Bill Shermer
Blue Goose Enterprises

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